The MCKS Arhatic Yoga has given me the opportunity and inspiration to initiate my path as a MCKS disciple. This is the best opportunity to continue learning and growing spiritually. The workshop also has helped me to understand and experience the power of inner purification becoming a better instrument of healing. This class is the best place to find inspiration to serve better, to get inner transformation, and to aspire to become a better person.

A.P New Jersey

Prerequisites: Basic PH, Advanced PH AND Pranic Psychotherapy

Workshop Fees:
$625 by 09/30/19 • $675 by 01/15/20 • $725 after 01/15/20

Review Fees:
$150 by 01/15/20 • $210 after 01/15/20

COMBO prices for NEW Prep students attending the Retreat:
$1025 by 09/30/19 • $1125 by 01/15/20 • $1225 after 01/15/20

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Student Testimonials

MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Preparatory Level

This “Yoga of Synthesis” is the spiritual training integrating all yogic systems into one system that suits any culture, belief system or profession. It is a modern version of dealing with powerful ancient techniques that systematically activates the chakras and awakens the “sacred fire” safely to a high degree in order to achieve glimpses of illumination and expansion of consciousness. It is the path to intellect, will, power and love. It is also a path to enhance health, longevity and one’s healing abilities. Yoga” means union and “Arhatic” comes from the word “Arhat” which refers to a highly evolved being. Arhatic Yoga in this case is a synthesis of various yoga techniques that includes powerful meditations, purifications and breathing techniques integrated into a step-by-step system to rapidly and safely accelerate the spiritual development of the practitioner. This advanced Yoga system was given by Mahaguruji Mei Ling to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and has origins in China, India and Tibet.

The aim of Arhatic Yoga is to enable people with various religious backgrounds and beliefs to access the inner teachings, kept secret for centuries, which make it possible to pursue their spiritual development while at the same time living a “normal life.” It means that by practicing Arhatic Yoga not only the practitioner need not to abandon his normal life, career and relationships to pursue a spiritual path but also he can further cope with daily difficulties and challenges of contemporary lifestyle.

In the Arhatic Yoga workshop first physical and inner purification techniques will be discussed, then the chakras are substantially activated in a certain sequence to safely and effectively awaken and then circulate the Kundalini energy throughout the body. This technique which has been practiced by very advanced and evolved yogis, is the foundation for building the much coveted “Golden Body”!

Benefits of the Arhatic Yoga Workshop:

  • Learn simple, yet powerful breathing techniques to cleanse your aura and boost your energy and power.
  • Learn a series of powerful purification techniques which help purify your thoughts and emotions and build a better character to avoid later spiritual fall.
  • Learn a special meditation which moves the Soul Energy through energy channels and helps extract the “ancient seeds,” pent-up emotions and negative crystallized thought patterns from the system.
  • Learn to safely and quickly awaken the Kundalini energy.
  • As the chakras and aura increase in size and power, there will be a noticeable development in your inner powers, qualities and abilities.
  • Learn how to recognize the 10 different “Kundalini Syndrome” symptoms and their remedies.
  • Be part of a group where you can experience fellowship and be nurtured in a spiritual environment with regular meetings, updates and weekend retreats.

 December 12-13 in Tampa

10 AM - 6 PM M-F   +1(561)483-5952

Master Glenn Mendoza, MD

 is the President of the Center for Pranic Healing and one of the only eight Master Pranic Healers in the world.  He is one of the Senior Disciples of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.  Master Glenn is an author and international speaker who has traveled around the world spreading MCKS Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga and oversees the Eastern Coast of the United States, Mongolia and Puerto Rico. 

Master Marilag Mendoza

 is one of eight Master Pranic Healers in the world. She teaches MCKS PranicHealing, Arhatic Yoga as well as all of the higher advanced workshops. Her devotion to Master Choa Kok Sui's mission, depth of knowledge and charismatic style of presentation allow Master Marilag to connect to people of different walks of life in a unique way.


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 18150 Bethany Center Drive, Lutz, FL 33558