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Monthly Full Moon Meditation

Student Testimonials

Pranic Healing had help me to become a better person, my family health has improved, as well as our relationships and our financials and most of all our spiritual grow, the teachings are priceless, the knowledge that I get in each class and applying in the daily life makes my life easier. There are not words of how to say THANK YOU! ~ C.K: South Florida

I started Pranic healing in 2006 while going through health difficulties. It made a huge difference  in my life. It not only helped me heal, but it thought me valuable skills that to this day I still apply to my daily life. Pranic Healing has helped me and those around me live a more fulfilling life. I was also taught techniques on how to help others in need of help and how to grow as a person in all aspects of life. Also, Pranic Healing has open doors in my life that have brought me happiness and love. I am truly a different person today than I was before Pranic Healing. I am healthier, happier, peaceful and more prosperous thanks to the teachings of Pranic Healing. ~  Rafael Cohen:  JetBlue Pilot

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Monthly Full Moon Video Broadcast 
with Master Glenn Mendoza
Meditation on Twin Hearts 
a short discourse on different topics plus the Great Invocation and a deeper understanding of the sign of the month.

At the Center for Pranic Healing South Florida, we join Master Glenn LIVE during the Full Moon of each month to experience the tremendous downpour of Divine energies which can be used to blessed Mother Earth, your home, family, loved ones, and goals.

Share and invite your family and friends to this event that promotes love, compassion, healing and peace in the world.

The power of groups meditating together cannot be underestimated. Be part of group work for global service.