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Master Marilag Mendoza

is one of eight Master Pranic Healers in the world. She teaches MCKS PranicHealing, Arhatic Yoga as well as all of the higher advanced workshops. Her devotion to Master Choa Kok Sui's mission, depth of knowledge and charismatic style of presentation allow Master Marilag to connect to people of different walks of life in a unique way.

Prerequisite: Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level

MCKS Kriyashakti

$625 by 12/31/19 • $675 by 10/1/20 • $725 after 10/1/20 

Review fees: $175 by 10/1/20 • $250 after 10/1/20

Venue:  Hyatt Place Downtown Boca Raton

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                  Conference Room  Camino Real 7th Floor

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Student Testimonials

The course teaches the effective way to create and materialize energy thoughtforms for prosperity, material and financial success, and successful relationships, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual prosperity and well being.  The secrets and formula to materialize goals and concretize short and long term plans in life are learned and actually experimented in the seminar.  Kriyashakti – The Science and Art of Prosperity and Success — offers the following:

November 14-15 2020

Here is Just a Small Sample of What You are Going to Learn

  • The principle, elements and techniques of materialization and manifestation.
  • Wise utilization of universal laws and principles to attract money, improve relationships and achieve success.
  • Special techniques to disintegrate old thoughtforms and concepts that impede one’s goals in life.
  • Ancient strategies on how to create, energize and materialize thoughtforms and goals rapidly and properly.
  • Concrete understanding of how the major chakras and the aura affect one’s ability to achieve goals in life.
  • Meditation of Prosperity and Meditation to Improve Loving Relationships.
  • Advanced creative visualization and imagery.
  • The “Don’ts” in attracting good things in life.
  • Plus much more...

Master Glenn Mendoza

is one of eight Master Pranic Healers in the world.  He is the President of The Center for Pranic Healing and oversees and teaches Pranic Healing and Higher Courses the Eastern Coast of the United States, Puerto Rico, Mongolia and other parts of the world. He has a fun loving attitude and teaches from a vast knowledge base. His life's dedication is to spread the teaching of Pranic Healing by giving us tools for wellness and to reduce suffering in the world. He is also one of the top doctors in the U.S., Director of Neonatology and a receiver of prestigious awards for medical achievements in the area of pediatrics and neonatal care. 

I was in Pranic Healing when my husband got sick. They helped him to be release of his past and to make peace with it.
Helped me to understand what was happening and to let him go. He left when I was lying down in a table at the Pranic Healing Center, because I finally understood that he wanted to go. After he died, Pranic Healing was my family and my support system. I now understand death in a different way and I am happy for Gary (my husband) and I know that he is still with me. To me, Pranic Healing is my family, my support system and the place where I can grow, help others and get close to God.

Liliana Kilgore ~ Realtor